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Inside the Knitking 930

Recently I had to replace the battery in my 930. I found that it was easy to take the board out of the machine and take it to a local battery dealer and have a new battery soldered in. The battery from the local batter company cost me about 7.00 and the technician did is work and only charged me $1.00 I took it home and did the hooky pokier and Walla my machine was up and running. I couldn't afford to be without my machine as I was doing production work at that time. When you get your new battery make sure that it has the leads on it. If it doesn't have the leads on it you can not sauder it back on the board.

So here are some pictures to help you know what it looks like in a knitking 930.


Here is a picture of the board still in place.



Here is a close up of the battery.  Take special notice of the metal piece on the top. This is called the leads. If is imperative that you get the battery with the leads not just the battery. Otherwise you will not be able to resauder the batter to the board.


Here is a close up of cable placements when you rehook up everything. not much different than working on a computer lol.